Split the bill now demands full contacts access?

I can make a request to people who I have added before (hi mum!) but I now cannot split the bill as the app demands full contact access.

After I x it out, the list of people I have used before appears (hi mum, brother, friends :metal:) before sliding down out of view and takes me back to the options screen.

Is this a bug or a terrible dark pattern that is a real f-u to users who won’t give you their contacts?

iOS 13.2.3, app up to date.

Same thing on Android,

Only good reason I can think of, is that when you disallow contacts it also clears your contacts on the server side.

Which I could maybe get on board with if the list of Monzo user contacts wasn’t visible in the underlying screen for a moment before it reverts! So the app has the information I need to use Split the Bill but just won’t let me until I give in and dish out my contacts… Despite the very same contacts having the :monzo: flag on them for when I want to request or send an amount.

My android doesn’t show the contacts at all, maybe try a reinstall and see if the contacts show for a second after, then you know it’s not wiped server side.

Is it possible it’s a system limitation? I think on iOS if an app requests access to any data that is held in your user (iCloud) account, it needs to be confirmed. If you remove or deny that access to the iOS level contact data, not much Monzo can do about it I don’t think, it’s a deliberate security limitation in iOS.

Just remembered about this,