[iOS] Connected Credit Card - balance not updating

Issue: Connected Halifax credit card balance not updating.

Had this issue for a few months late last year/beginning of this year, but it seemed to be fixed at the end of January. It has reoccurred however.
I left it for over a week this time in case it randomly started updating again but it didn’t.

Delete and reinstall didn’t update the balance. Disconnecting the credit card, and reconnecting it again has updated the balance - but this may just be a one time balance refresh (that’s what was happening last time I had the issue).

No idea if the issue is with Monzo, Truelayer, or Halifax (I didn’t find out last time).

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 13.4.1
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 3.22.0

Update - my balance has updated as expected since disconnecting and then reconnecting the card. So it seems to be working… for now. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be useful if you could tell in the app that a card had lost its open banking connection and then click to reconnect it. :crossed_fingers:


The easiest way to do would probably be to contact support though the in app chat and ask them to reconnect it for you. It would also flag up that your credit card keeps disconnecting and the engineers can then work on fixing the underlying issue

They don’t seem to be able to reconnect it their end. I flagged it up when the issue was occurring a few months ago. It was a very frustrating experience, flagging it over a period of months without any feedback via chat. It finally seemed to fix itself after many disconnect/reconnect flows back then.

It’s not a critical issue, so would rather not waste C-ops time in the chat during this particular period. Especially as it didn’t seem to do much good before anyway.

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