[iOS] Clicking Monzo Chat notification causes app to freeze

After clicking on notification for a Monzo Chat reply, the Monzo app freezes on a screen with the Monzo logo and the keyboard (see Screenshots). Monzo app then needs to be restarted to work.

NB: you have to leave the Monzo app dormant until it looks like this in the iOS app switcher (from double pressing the Home button):

Details to reproduce:
Receive Monzo Chat message while not on the Monzo app ==> wait ~10 mins without going on the Monzo app ==> click on the notification about the Monzo Chat ==> Monzo app opens and freezes.

OS: iOS 12.1.3

Device: iPhone 6

App Version: 2.32.0

Figure 1 - Frozen Monzo app screen after clicking on Monzo Chat notification.