iOS: clearing notifications in the app such as “Active Card Check” fails in two ways

Notifications in the iOS app such as “Active Card Check” fail either when deleting the second notification (app crashes) or on pressing the little x, glitches with the letters for ”clear” appearing very small in the little circle and then glitching back to the little x.

Details to reproduce:

Delete 1 notification such as “Active Card Check” and then try to delete another.
iOS, this bug does not seem to happen on my Android Pixel.
iPhone X
App Version:


I remember this problem being there even in the prepaid beta days. Surprising it’s still not fixed.

Yeap, this is been there for as long as I can remember. Whilst it does still happen to me it doesn’t seem to occur as often.

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Seen the same problem here. iPhone XR, App Store release

@robinb could potentially add this one to your little cleanup list

Had this issue too