[iOS] Bill Split requests don't appear in search

Issue: Bill Split requests don’t appear in search.

Bill Split requests can’t be found if a search is made for the name of the person who made the request or the name of the merchant from which the original purchase was made.
(eg: if Person X Bill Splits a transaction from Merchant A with Person Y, the Bill Split request is not found in a search for “Person X” or for “Merchant A”.)

Details to reproduce: Get Person X on Monzo to Bill Split a transaction from Merchant A with you ==> receive Bill Split request in your Monzo account (but don’t accept or decline it) ==> search for “Person X” or search for “Merchant A” ==> Bill Split request not found by the search.

OS: iOS 12.1.3

Device: iPhone 6

App Version: 2.31.0

NB: this becomes especially annoying since there isn’t a (much needed) section in the app where you can find all your pending splits.

With the upcoming section in the app for pending splits, this search issue is less of a problem. I still think searching for the name of the person who sent you the request should produce any requests sent from them which haven’t been responded to.