✅ Summary of outstanding payments

The new bill splitting is great, but it’s quite easy to forget about which transactions people still haven’t paid you back for.
A summary of people you need to chase down for the unpaid bill would be great.

Similarly, when doing expenses it would be ideal to flag them as reclaimed, so you know you’ve dealt with them and have them faded out (or flagged in some way) when looking at all expense transactions so you can easily see what actually needs attention.


Agreed, also people you haven’t paid back. The app reminds you but you can’t search for ‘requested’ with the intended result so there appears no way of finding all your outstanding split requests from others at a glance.

This has been changed fairly recently. If you go to the payments tab and then click on ‘shared’ you will see a list of all transactions you have requested money for and not yet received, plus any you have yet to pay back too :ok_hand:

Thanks, I tested this with some requests to and fro but can’t see them on the Shared tab - just a ‘create a shared tab’ intro, which seems to be separate from the bill splits / text requests mechanic?

Android version 2.37.0

Ah, sorry, I’m on iOS. I thought this had been rolled out across both.

Bill Splits (sent & received) and Shared Tabs currently appear in the “Shared” part of the Payments tab. However, requests sent from a payee contact don’t currently appear there.

Hopefully this gets improved in the future.