[ios] Search bug.. doesnt show bill splits

Issue: when searching for a term used within a bill split transaction it doesnt show

Details to reproduce: search for a term used on bill splits
OS: ios latest
App Version:


My partner requests a bill split on our apartment charges each month. When i pay it the transaction notes then says “for csm property”. As thats the company name.

If i then search my feed for “csm property” these transactions dont show in the search.

Is there a better way to report bugs than the forum? Would be good to get a bit of feedback that its at least been received @Peter_G maybe you would know?

I’m afraid I don’t. My instinct would be to report bugs in the app, then at least you’ll know they’ve been received.

That said, @AlanDoe might be able to advise…

Lemme see who I can pass this to :eyes: