Fix image in Apple wallet For Monzo plus

Recently received my new holigraphic Monzo plus card, nice work on that. However I’ve noticed that the image in Apple wallet has remained the same, could we update the Monzo plus card image to match the new card?? :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe removing and re-adding the card updates the graphic.


It does, I did that the day I got my new card.

FWIW - I had to do this process twice for it to update, but it did in the end :slight_smile:

Ah hah! That worked, thanks guys! Although I lost my transaction history in wallet in the process :frowning:

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When you activate a new card, we should automatically update the card details and the design in Apple Pay / Google Pay. I’ll ask around and see why this isn’t happening.

As others have said, removing and re-adding the card is a solid workaround :+1:


Not sure if others can attest to this, but it was only my iPhone that didn’t auto update the design in Apple Pay. It updated fine on my other devices.

How recent should we have tried removing and re-adding?

My Google Pay one still shows my coral card when I did this last week.

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I added without deleting the old card and the new Plus updated instantly

My card hasn’t updated on Google pay

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I’d seen plenty of people mention it didn’t work so I didn’t even try, just deleted and added as new :man_shrugging:

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We’re still investigating, and it would be helpful to see an example. Can one (1) of you DM me the email address you use for Monzo, please? :pray:

Thanks! :white_check_mark:


I’ve pm’d you for Google Pay. If you also need an Apple Wallet example I’m sure someone else will step in soon :slight_smile:

Oddly the card number updates in Apple Wallet on both the phone and watch straight away, but not the image.

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