[iOS] Apple Pay Not working

Yes! This works, thank you!

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This is an interesting solution and one I’ll take note of :thinking:

If anyone else is having this issue and manually adding the card doesn’t work, please try the below:

I tried this on the suggestion of COps when I was having the problem, and it didn’t seem to fix it. After that, COps suggested I report the issue to Apple, which was when I stumbled upon the solution I found

Thank you very much. I had been suffering with it for hours.

Setting the card to travel express is what worked for me. Thanks.

Adding the card manually, with out deleting the old one, worked for me.

Thanks for the help!

Spoke to people at Monzo via the in app chat and they were useless. Not sure why they can’t just relay what was said here by the community. Instead they told me to call Apple.

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Thank you! Solved straight away.

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