✅ [iOS] Frequently logged out of the app for no reason

I am routinely logged out of the iOS app for no reason. I used to stay logged in forever. But in the last month, I get logged out every so often. Not a lot, but it feels like at least once a week. I have only the one iOS device and not logged in anywhere else.

Details to reproduce:
Login. After a few days or not using the app (if even that), I am logged out.
iOS 12.1
iPhone X
App Version:

Is your email secure by any chance? Do you see any traces of Monzo login emails in your mailbox? Any email forwards set up?

Could be that someone has compromised your email account and is using it to log into another device, causing your app to get logged out. They could’ve set up a forwarding rule to get the login emails as to be more sneaky so it doesn’t even appear in your inbox.

Also check if they’ve generated any “app passwords” on your email account as they can do so they keep their access even if you change your main password.

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