iOS app crashes/closes when trying to change new card address (and it’s out for delivery tomorrow!)

Monzo app is crashing when I try to add a new address for my new card to be delivered to, and I don’t have long to fix it as the new card is supposed to be out for delivery tomorrow (Sept 2nd 2023).

The app version is 5.38.0 #5380054 and I’m on an iPhone 12 on iOS 16.0. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app but still the same. It crashes at the point where I’m trying to change the country I’d like my new card delivered to (because I’m currently in the USA). When I select ‘United States Of America’ as the country it crashes out to the Home Screen.

I looked for the Monzo support chat link but I guess that no longer exists? Hopefully someone here can help me with this before my new card gets sent to the wrong place.

Help and search for “contact” and press “contact us”

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I suspect it might be crashing because the delivery address is already set to the current address and can’t be changed, even though it hasn’t dispatched yet. Printing, packaging, labelling is all done before dispatch, after all.

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Thanks I totally missed that! And now they’re closed :man_facepalming: oh well.