Can’t load summary

Issue: the left to spend has disappeared from under my current account amount and when I go to the summary page it says unable to load.
Edit: it’s also not showing me what’s left to come out of my pots like it normally does. One of the main reasons I use Monzo. I can budget better.

OS: iOS 15.1
Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 8
App Version: 4.6.0 #781


Seems to be working for me, on iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 15.2

Have you tried the usual - delete & reinstall app?

I have yeah. I’ve also tried both normal and test flight versions on two different phones

In that case it sounds like something on your phone. Another app interfering or blocking something perhaps.

In which case it’s not the app, and it’s not the phone. So it must be something further up the pipeline. Time to fire up the bat phone and contact Monzo, I think.