✅[iOS] Activate new card doesn’t work from Help screen

As per subject. Only activates from card screen.

Details to reproduce:
1 Search for Activate in help. No results found.
2 Search for Activate new. Help found.
3 Use Activating your card link.
4 Use camera to scan card number.
5 Scan succeeds and populates field correctly. (Won’t give screen shot for this obviously)
6 No further progress can be done as the only option is cancel.
7 Tried several times with no luck even when manually keying the card number then changed tack.
8 Activated card from Home screen. No problems.

13.5.1 (17F80)

iPhone X MQAD2B/A

App Version:


Hi @Dunsford

Thanks for the report! This has previously been reported here: [iOS] Activating replacement card freezes app

Luckily there’s now a fix on the way, I expect it to be released in the next couple of weeks.



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Thanks Craig,

Any chance of getting the Help updated so it shows the link when you just type Activate?

This isn’t really my area of expertise but I’ve passed your feedback onto the help article team. :+1: