[iOS] Ablity to add Notes & Tags in Personal & Joint account at the same time

When I move money between personal & joint, I like to add a note or tag to reflect why this money was moved, to remember for future reference.

It would be useful to automatically reflect the note or tag that’s added on that same transaction when I fill the note field on my personal or vice versa.

Anyone else would find this useful?

Actually I was just thinking something similar. A direct debit notification just came through for our insurance company and it’s an odd name that doesn’t match their trading brand. Being able to pop a note on it so my wife could see ‘don’t worry, it’s just the insurance company’ would be very helpful.

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This has been available on Android for some time and is very useful as you’ve stated (Joint Account note entry) - I assume you’re using iOS?

I am not sure If I explained this properly, I meant for notes added on a transaction between joint & personal to reflect on both accounts at the same time, so without having to add the note both in personal and joint on that transaction.

I don’t think this is possible, as you are withdrawing from one account type and depositing in another. Notes won’t go across different account types.

It’s not possible because it hasn’t been implemented, but I am sure the team can implement such feature, because the user already has access to both accounts, So don’t see why Monzo can’t update them simultaneously.

The fundamental concept of notes transferring between accounts may or may not be possible within Monzo, but I don’t think it would be tied to a user. It’d be tied to a transaction. Maybe Open Banking allows this sort of extra functionality - in which case notes could accompany a transaction between any internal/external account? One for the devs to answer…

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