Idea: Allow adding a note before transferring out of the joint account

Sometimes I need to take money out of our joint accout and pay from my own card / some other mechanism. It would be nice if when taking money back to my own account I could put a note as to why, and if that note could be in the notification that the other person sees. It just feels a bit rude to not have this in the notification.


Can you not put a note on transactions between Monzo accounts?

The other person could then check for this if they need to. But ultimately with joint accounts either party has full rights to do with the money as they please so can’t see this being a priority

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Yes, and I do. The point is that it’s in the notification, which is a nice affordance for them. It also saves an extra message to them in a bunch of cases - “hi darling I paid X”.

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Surely that is covered by the note on the transaction? And if they want to check what you bought/paid for, they can check the note themselves?

Or you know, just trust them?


But if you put it in the notification they’ll end up big, unsightly with potentially many words.

If you have a joint account surely there’s enough trust and communication to agree that you’ll check notes if curious about a transaction.

I’m just offering suggestions – this is unlikely to happen given the list of things that are much higher priority.

Sure, you can go in and manually check, but that’s an annoying extra step. More usable just have it right there in the notification. Two birds with one stone. Beyond the basic aspect of being respectful when withdrawing arbitrary amounts, this would also help us head off cases of double-payments, which has happened. More than once we both made the same payment, usually school-related. If the notification said “paid for the photos”, the other person would know not to. And I think that’s very useful.

I don’t think so. I think that they’ll be informative and useful. It’s not like you’re writing an essay in there.

So am I; that’s why it’s in the Feedback & Ideas forum :slight_smile: