Notes and #Tags

One of the things I love about Monzo is that you can not only categorise payments you can add a note to remind you what it was specifically. Could it be possible to add a Note or #Tag on an incoming transaction as well? Like when I transfer money from another account, sometimes it’s to pay myself back for something (e.g. a bill I want to reimburse myself for from a non Monzo account). I’d like the same amount of control over detail on Monzo in this as in outgoing transactions. (Our other accounts not with Monzo are way behind so don’t have this flexibility via their apps so I can’t change the payment reference from that end of the transaction.)

You already can.

When transfer arrives, tap on the transaction, then edit notes.

I’ve been doing it for well over a year on android, so it is possible.

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Also works on iOS


Ah that’s interesting. I don’t seem to have an “edit notes” option on iPhone for incoming transactions. I’m only on the basic free Monzo app tho.

Aaaah I see. It’s not intuitive on transactions from certain accounts because of the way those other accounts label the transaction. I’ve found it now tho thanks all.

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Go wild a do a full switch to Monzo. :grinning:

Monzo copies the bank transfer reference into the notes field. It does make it harder to spot the notes field for such transactions. Was this the source of confusion?

I really dislike the way Monzo handles notes in bank transfer transactions, although my primary concern on this is a bit different