Moving money from joint account or pots

Can Monzo please add a reference free text field for moving money as well. Particularly for joint accounts to show why the money is moved

You can already do this in the notes/tags field.

That’s not at the point of transfer though is it? You’ve got to find both sides of the transaction and update the notes individually?

To/from joint you do it at the time.

Yes the notes works, but you have to update each transaction individually and the notes only show on the join account page and not in my account page.

So can this be added to the transaction when moving and then it shows on all the tabs


Notes/tags used in a transfer (to/from a pot/account) used to go through to the other side of the transaction.

But Monzo then split pots off to be reported as individual accounts and the notes transfer-through stopped. So you have to enter the note in the transaction of the transfer out, then copy it & paste it into the transaction of the transfer in.