The button 'withdraw from pot' is not enabled

When attempting to withdraw a custom amount (ie £21.45) from a pot the ‘withdraw from pot’ is not enabled

Details to reproduce:
Go to a pot
Select withdraw
Tap on amount to edit it
Change the amount
The button ‘withdraw from pot’ is not enabled

What should happen:
The button ‘withdraw from pot’ is enabled for you to confirm the move.

Android 8.1.0

Moto G5s

App Version:


I have had this problem on android for months.

Way I get round it is to just schedule a withdrawal for today. Goes through instantly.

Thanks Paul, Good work around :+1:

I’m not sure what the issue is here compared to my experience.

I’ve never had such an issue, but I’m running stock/beta Android on a Pixel :man_shrugging:

Are you tapping on the ‘OK’ or ‘tick’ (or any other confirmation key) on your on-screen keyboard after entering the amount to withdraw?

Yeah the screenshot is sans keyboard so it must have been dismissed.
I’ve tried every possible way to dismiss the keyboard on my phone and they all result in the value being “committed”, the £ symbol re-appearing and the buttons being re-enabled.
So :man_shrugging: … something to do with the system keyboard not sending the right events, or a custom keyboard, some accessibility software confusing things, or something really weird with the manufacturer’s android customisations?