iOS 17

Okay. poor choice of wording, non consensual tracking is illegal - if they know about it, it’s fine, I.E Find My, for “people” which just tracks their phone

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What’s your CHARGING_TITLE, huh?

Anyone else?

Internet works fine otherwise.

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Yup. App Store is down.

Apple Books and Apple Sports too:

If I go search, and then profile and update apps, that still works.

I don’t even have the bottom tabs!

Oh yeah :flushed:

Not sure if this is the right thread but I have been experiencing some issues with the Mail app and I have no idea if it’s a bug or what.

I have three inboxes synced to the Mail app - iCloud, Gmail and Outlook. For Outlook and Outlook alone, some of my emails won’t show up in my inbox at all. It’s not a case of late fetching, days old emails don’t exist on my phone and so I have no idea that I have them unless I check on the macOS Mail app.

For instance, I had no idea that I had a Robinhood invite for weeks because I just never opened my MacBook. Or just now I completely missed an email from my conveyancer because my phone deems it not important enough to add to my inbox and they had to call. It works on macOS, and earlier / later emails do show up. They don’t go to spam, they sit in my inbox but are invisible.

Has anyone experienced something like this?

Outlook has never worked properly for me on iOS Mail. I don’t know why. But the university Mail systems use outlook and I’m forever getting errors and not receiving them on my phone.

It might seem silly, but you’ve not accidentally muted those contacts or conversations at some point in the past have you?

That’s the only thing I can think of.

Had a similar thing happen with a couple of guys at work having calls going straight to voicemail from certain people. Swore blind they’ve never touched the contact settings, but sure enough ‘Unblock contact’ showing in the phone app when I checked those specific contacts. :man_facepalming:

This. It seems to work reasonable well for exchange but I’ve never managed to get it to work properly with either gmail or outlook. I’ve always used alternatives for it.

For this reason, I now use the outlook app on my phone for work too.

What is you setting here?

Nope, they’re not even contacts, just random companies/people. Never muted them.

Outlook only allows 30 days (thanks Microsoft!)… but these are emails from this week.

It worked until this month or so, so it’s either 17.4 or

Microsoft being shit.

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