iOS 16

It’s a pretty amateur implementation IMHO.

Feels fourth rate in comparison to how they’ve done the Dyland.

I’ve turned it on for now but am likely to disable it.

iOS 6.0.2 out now - should fix the majority of problems found on the iPhone 14 (Pro) and a few other iOS 16 related troubles. Also firmware updates for AirPods Pro gen 2 and WatchOS 9.0.1 for the Apple Watch Ultra, for those that have bought those.


I hope it fixes some of the strange battery issues I am seeing on my 13 Pro.
Some days the battery seems great but others its just slaughtered.

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On iPhone 14 Pro, open the stock camera app and switch to 2x - does anybody’s image within the black bars (e.g. outside the cropped section) shake? Mine does, and looking at the MacRumours forums - others are experiencing it too. So there may be more bugs that Apple needs to fix.

On second thoughts, the “shake” outside the 2x crop may well just be an effect of the 48 megapixel sensor and not necessarily something to worry about. The image taken is perfectly in focus/

Looks like merchants that use Shopify as their backend are already showing up in the new Wallet app order tracking thing, which is swanky


And yet ordering through Apple themselves doesn’t :laughing:


Not sure where else to post this. Now that Focus modes can change Watch faces too, does anyone know if there’s an app that can display complications with London Underground line status updates?

Citymapper has the complications. No idea if they include the underground.

Saw this, not sure if its still operating though

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Sadly the complication appears dead, and when I press “upgrade” it does nothing

It would need to be a pretty big complication, I think. As far as I know there isn’t one, Citymapper’s app allows you to plan a journey, and the complication just gives updates on the journey planned, I think.

Are you able to get focus modes to change the Watch face? I can’t seem to get it to work at all.

I haven’t tried to use Focus to change the Watch face because unless I can add a Tube status complication, I might as well keep my default watch face at all times

I’d only want to know the status of the lines I use for commuting and the app linked above would have been brilliant for that, but sadly it appears to be abandonware at this point

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Yup if I go to the Focus settings themselves I can pick different wallpapers for watch and phone. It seems to be working perfectly at the moment!


I’m trying to get my watch to show a face with podcast and music and now playing complications automatically when my AirPods connect to my phone. The Focus mode changes automatically, but the Watch face doesn’t.

My work focus:

And fitness focus:

With different watch faces and complications. I’m not sure if this is what you mean?

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Thanks. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I get that far, and the phone changes focus mode when the AirPods connect, but the Watch face doesn’t change.

I can do it with a shortcut, so it’s no big deal, but this involves the extra step of allowing the shortcut to run.

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Mine triggers when I start an exercise on my watch, then both faces change. Maybe it’s the different trigger action causing the disparity. Hopefully it gets patched.

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Here’s the Focus mode I have

The phone Lock Screen changes, but the watch doesn’t.

As you say, the next update might fix it.

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Ahh damn. Does TFL not have their own? I’m guessing not