iOS 14 Stackable Widgets

Looks like they’re just read only, which to be honest when it comes to a banking app that would be fine, as I don’t really see a reason why you would want an interactive widget, in terms of Monzo at least.


Yes, exactly. Or a banking/finance stack.


To be honest I’d just prefer if the Left To Spend feature worked for me, but because I don’t get paid once a month but rather once every two weeks, it won’t work for me until Monzo decide to implement that.

In terms of a widget, something more useful for me would be maybe a widget that shows how much spending money I have (i.e. money in the main account, not in a pot)
Though I realize that there’d be a bit of wasted space there for only one data point, so maybe as a secondary you could have a smaller number that shows the balance of a specified pot (like savings/pennies for instance)

I love the style of the mockup already though! Good job

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You can change your period to a custom figure, so rather than monthly you can see it to a weekly basis, I know that doesn’t work well with you being paid fortnightly but it may be a better option than having it set to monthly or by the first day of the month?

Hopefully this is something Monzo can implement though as a lot of people don’t get paid monthly.

Managed to find a bit of time to quickly put something together, but am I right in saying its like the below?



You would be able to specify on your widget what pot or account to show, then you can stack as many as you want to allow you to scroll through on the widget?

(In hindsight I probably should have changed the balance on the pots widget for clarity but I don’t have the Apple SF fonts on this PC)


Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking! Thank you for the concept!

The only change I would make is that I’d have the chosen background of the pot take up the whole widget. Take for example how this motivation widget has done it in this pic. See how the picture is the background of the widget, with the text on top.

Whether this would work in practice is a different question, the design you have given is very clear and gives the exact information needed.

Having every pot as a widget and being able to scroll through them, as well as the smart widget perhaps selecting the one that has either most recently changed, or has the highest balance, would be amazing.

I don’t think it would really work, not when you have critical data that could be lost amongst a background. Also if you do have your current/joint account as a widget you would only see the card.

I’d imagine if they did ever implement they would just do it as you’d see it in the app, although I do like the idea of having it widget wide! :blush: