Ios 14 Widgets

Hi was wondering if Monzo is working on widgets for the new ios, what prompted the comment was this article on macrumours:

Definitely need to work on their widget game now. Though I’m currently finding the smart stack buggy as hell!

Widgets, what’s one of them, oh yeah I’m using the Android version

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Yeah a widget on Android would be welcome!

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Personally, and I’m not an avid one-way-or-the-other guy, I think Apple have somehow polished the widgets better than the ones I use on Android. But that’s just me.


Id love a widget that shows my progress for a particular pot in relation to a goal date!

I have already seen some nice widgets out there and hoping Monzo will be providing some widget options soon.

Hey @andrewfox,

It’s being discussed in this thread, if you have any ideas let me know and I can create more mockups

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