iOS 14 Monzo Magic Link Bug - DON'T LOG OUT ON iOS 14!

I’ve just spoken with support and they have confirmed that if you use iOS 14 and log out (or, as in my case get signed out randomly without doing anything) then you will be unable to log back in.

This occurs due to the app crashing when it backgrounds itself as you switch to your email app.

The suggestion from support was to downgrade to iOS 13. Unfortunately this is no longer possible as Apple no longer signs iOS 13.7 (See: I let them know this and they said they would let the relevant people know.

The member of support staff I spoke with was wonderful and very apologetic, however she did say that the ETA for a fix could be “up to 2 weeks”. I really hope this isn’t the case as according to MixPanel adoption of iOS 14 is much quicker than that of iOS13 and as of today 31% of all iPhones are running iOS 14. (See:

Are you sure it’s this and not something else?

As you say, adoption of iOS14 has been pretty swift and if nobody could sign in with it, this place would be flooded, and not the first mention of it 10 days later.


Customer Support said they had been flooded with calls about it. I am only going on my interaction with them. I am a software engineer by trade so I tried the obvious solutions (rebooted, deleting and reinstalling app, etc.)

I’m hesitant to agree with them, but not that confident to log out to test it myself!

Are you using the default mail app, or have you changed it to one of your choosing?

I am using Outlook, but due to the sandboxed nature of iOS I cannot see which email app is being used making much difference. I could be wrong on that account though.

There is a bug with the app on iOS right now, both affecting the recent versions of iOS 13, and iOS 14.

It happens when my device turns off and turns back on. Monzo decides I need to sign in again. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but it does happen 100% of the time when my phone powers off due to running out of battery.

I haven’t had any issues logging back in with iOS 14 myself yet, but I do recall there being a separate bug related to background crashing when swapping to your email client. It could just be you got very unlucky and happened to be impacted by both.

Hope they get these fixed, but in regards to downgrading to iOS 13. Don’t. Apple don’t sign it, and both bugs are documented to exist in iOS 13 too.

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If its stopping users from logging into the app then it will surely be fixed ASAP


Monzo are aware of it. The last update on here was a few weeks ago before iOS 14 was released. The bug fix was supposed to have arrived by now.


I’ve not experienced this issue with iOS 14 at all.

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Put it back to the default Mail app and see if that fixes it.


@Revels (This is why it’s definitely the Apple rule. Always let other people find the faults in Apple new releases.)


(For everyone else, we’re just having a conversation from another thread.)


never had a issue with logging in and i’ve use the dev beta ios 14 from release up to public release, currently i’m on dev beta 14.2 and i’ve just tried logging in and it worked with no issues, could be just a few getting this problem

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Seems if you are logged out and then try log back in again but use the open mail app option within Monzo the app will crash. If you however just go to your mail app as normal and click the magic link you will get logged back in.that’s on the test flight version and iOS 14.0.1

I am on iOS 14 (first dev bètas now normal 14.01)
14.2 isn’t available for my device yet.

Have been reinstalling whole phone several times during 13.x bètas and 14.0 bètas. That’s the use of running the bètas for me. Testing before I deploy.

I have severe app crashes with Monzo but never experienced being locked out as described by OP.
Actually there is no other app than Monzo that crashes that often. Apart from Sygic but that one has become much more stable.

I am on Monzo bèta build.
That might be a solution to some of you.
Join testflight and get in touch with support for an invite.

Revolut has repeatedly similar issues when I go on new bèta cycle that their normal builds don’t function. They always provide immediate acces to their bèta builds.

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I hate these magic links sh…t
I hope they’ll switch to a password like everyone else

agreed should have a 2FA password when setting up on a new device

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It would be interesting to see the percentage of account breaches using Magic Links vs 2FA/Passwords

Agree. Many places offer magic links or password, so people can choose (I always prefer password). And 2FA would be good too

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Using the default mail app. Not using the “Open mail” button, but manually switching app etc all don’t work :frowning:

At the moment it looks like there is literally no way for me to access my business, personal or joint bank accounts! Rather upsetting!

I assume you have the latest version of the app? And iOS?