iOS 13.3

Has anyone upgraded to iOS 13.3 ? If so are there any bugs :bug: like battery drain or something else?
I’ve seen it but don’t want to do it unless it doesn’t affect battery life


Been on it since the first PB (now on 13.3.1) and not witnessed any issues with it.

I’ve noticed one oddity since upgrading to 13.3. When I search my photos, the search results are no longer complete. For example, if I search for “home”, I used to get over 850 results. Now I’m getting fewer than 200, which makes it harder for me to find what I’m looking for.

Anyone else noticed this?

Interestingly, the indexes appear since to have rebuilt. They’re now back up to 760, so it looks like the issue was only temporary

Thanks ok so seems not as risky as I thought :thinking: Just always something wrong with the new iOS updates normally lol! I shall take your advice and download it in that case :crossed_fingers:

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Been on it a while, no issues

It’s absolutely fine. It’s been fine since 13.1. 13 wasn’t that bad in my experience.