Search broken - only back as far as August now?

Following search freezing and crashing for months, it now works a bit.

But it seems to only go far as back as August?

Please fix it :)))))



Latest testflight

Search has been unbelievably broken for nearly half a year now?? This is sadly quite shocking at this point.

Would be nice to know someone is working on it and why a whole feature has been broken for so long.

Which operating system are you using?
Is this for all merchants?
And can you scroll back to further back than August?

Also if you search “July” for example do you see July transactions.

iOS, latest testflight, all merchants, all tags.

Sure, that’s not very useful though in any total context.

Total merchant spend. Total hashtag spend. Etc.

Search has been broken for nigh on half a year now. This is getting quite ridiculous.

Just did a search on my account for iTunes and app crashed totally

Latest iOS TestFlight version, iPhone XR have at least 3 transactions a month with iTunes.

Done a search on Apple found about 6 transactions went back to May 2019

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It was more of a quick test that you could actually get to results before August.

I’m not familiar with iOS, on Android you just get one input. So much for parity.

Assume yours looks like this?

Hey :wave:

Sorry you’ve been having issues with this! One of our iOS engineers has this on their radar :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime, I think you can get your full feed history back by logging out, force closing the app, and logging back in again. I know it’s not ideal, but hopefully it’ll get things back working as you expect :crossed_fingers:

Hey Jon, nice to hear from you. As @Juggy69 mentions above, and many others over the last few months, kinda feel this should be a bit more of a priority than it sounds like it is :man_shrugging:t2:

But okay, guess I can do that for now. Assuming that’ll only last so long?

Please do try and fix this - it’s been a major issue for me for months - no point having a search option if it crashes the app constantly.

There are posts on the forum going back to August 2019 reporting that the search function crashes or freezes the app so it’s a bit poor to say it’s just “on the radar”

If you type “search crashes app” on the search option on the forum your see all the posts about this.

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I only tested if for you :joy:

Never use it really I think it crashed the app due to the amount of transactions it’s loading but no idea what that limit is :joy:

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Haha fair fair :persevere:

A quick search for “wetherspoons” on my Android app goes back to Feb 2018.

Does appear isolated to iOS then.

I think it depends on how many transactions it tries to load before it crashes, for me I have probably over 300 transactions for iTunes going to Mondo days, but the 8 or so Apple go back to feb 2019

Good news! I’ve just found out that a fix for search crashing was made today :tada:

Not sure exactly when it’ll reach you via TestFlight or App Store, but thought you’d like to know it’s on its way!


Now that’s amazing news!!!

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