Investors flair here on the forum πŸš€


Testing test, 1 2 3 …


I don’t seem to have my badge yet! :persevere:


Just created my community forum account btw…

Investor Badge
(Guy-Louis de le Vingne) #98

Checking if i have the badge… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Adrien Bacquet) #99

Testing as this is my first post!

(Alex Sherwood) #100

Looks like it’s probably worth sharing this again -

(Reem ElAshmawy) #101

@tristan i would like to be added to te investor community please. Haven’t been added automatically!

(Mike) #102

RIP Tristan’s notifications feed with this thread :joy:

(Hugh Williams) #103

Please could you add me - bit late on signing up to the community - but am an investor. Thanks Hugh

(Hugh Platt) #105

Hi! I’ve only just recently joined the forum but I’m an investor - can I be added to the investor community group please? Thansk!

(Nick Petrie) #107

@tristan hey Tristan, I don’t seem to have the investor flair - I was a 2016, rather than 2017 investor - anyway I get it turned on? Thanks

(Ellie ) #108

@tristan I was part of the March crowdfunding phase, our you able to add my investor status to my account? Cheers

(Bruce) #109

It’s like Groundhog Day in here hahahaha

(Shamil Nunhuck) #110

Hi @Tristan, could I be added?

(Luke Fisher) #111

Shouldn’t this just be an automated process or a form that we could fill in to trigger a check / match between forum and CrowdCube (investing) email address?

(Renny Popoola) #113

I’m an investor. Please could I get added

(harry singh) #114

can I be added to the investors group please. I logged in with the email address I used but can’t see it

(Dean O'Reilly) #116

Can i be added to investors group also please. many thanks.


can you rocket me!!!

(Jacob Swift) #118

Hey, I invested in both ronuds and dont seem to have the badge! :thinking: