I don’t have an InvestEngine account yet, but they do look interesting.

I like that they have business accounts. But what is it like to use? Any bugs or oddities?

Is the top up / withdrawal speed fast?

What are the execution prices like? Live or batched around end of day?

Anything else you’d wished to know before using them?

I have an account. There are a couple of quirks that I find annoying:

  • I have come across a couple of ETFs that are displaying the wrong shares. Their support have been quick to fix though.
  • You can end up with redundant “Portfolio” (pots or whatever they are), if for example you transfer out an ISA, or start with one managed by IE and go DIY. They do not allow you to delete old Portfolios and are apparently investigating a feature to hide them.

Other than that I’ve had no problems, however I have stopped using the platform in favour of a different provider.

My main issue with them was that they were so slow. I ended up moving to T212 which has the same ETFs (and a whole lot more).

They’re ok but they offer ETF’s which do not come with the same protections as UK Domiciled Funds - usually I wouldn’t mind but Invest Engine are also a loss making business. So in the end I decided to park my ISA and SIPP with a larger platform that offers funds.

I have noticed that in the past few years Vanguard started to have multiple mutual funds of the same investment strategy, priced in GBP but adding a UK domiciled fund to existing Irish domiciled one.

What difference does it make?

Could be a difference in cost.

Uk domiciled means you get FCA regulation/FSCS protection - but obviously it’s very unlikely that Vanguard would ever go bump…