Junior SIPP

Anyone setup a Junior SIPP?

If so what company did you use and why?

I was hoping that Vanguard did them but they do not and currently not looking in to it.

What did you go for in the end and why?

My baby has one with AJ Bell just because i’ve got other accounts with them and know the ropes. The main thing for me is that you can pick your shares and it’s not just general tracker funds. (edit: realised this is a bit odd as most would prefer a tracker. just to clarify I personally don’t like them as I like to know exactly what I am buying and have done my research on the companies, i feel like tracker funds are causing zombie companies to get funded and causing a bubble in the market that could easily blow up, just my humble opinion, each to their own! :slightly_smiling_face:).

Dealing charges and churning could really destroy any gains there if you are not careful, so I’ve got the ‘regular investment’ option going which will limit dealing charge to £1.50 a trade at an investment threshold of your choice, and i’m only buying one company a month and only going to hold a few with the dealing charge on the sell end in mind. I’m trying to not spend more than 1% buying so bearing in mind the £1.50 buy cost it’s minimum £150 deals at the moment, which when we are not willing or able to pay in close to the full allowance means just building up cash for months before doing a trade.

Bit frustrating, but with a timeframe of 60 or 70 years for maturity - moving at a snails pace is the name of the game.

I haven’t really looked at it any more as we need to save hard for holidays as we pushed this year holiday back to next year along with and doing another one in the same year, once the holiday are out the way next June I will have a look again.

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