Investment App Recommendations

Looking for recommendations for investing apps, what do you use and why?

I’ve got a LISA, S&S ISA, GIA and SIPP that I’m looking to consolidate into 1 app rather than 4 at the moment - not sure if this is a good idea or not.

Buy a house. Buy land. Bricks & mortar. Keep it/them. For a long time. No app needed.

I have and like moneybox

Freetrade but no LISA. For all of that you might want AJ Bell?


That’s where I consolidated all of mine.

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Nutmeg LISA - it’s auto-compliant with my workplace restrictions (would defo move to AJ Bell’s upcoming new app if they launch with LISA for individual stocks though)

T212 ISA - cheapest commission free broker with a few years operations under its belt

Plum GIA - easy to use and auto save into. Currently beta testing their upcoming commission free individual stocks launch too

PensionBee for some old vsmall pension

Don’t have a SIPP but when I do within next
18months it will be with Freetrade.

Note: Might be worth keeping them separate somewhat to reduce platform risk and to benefit from multiple FSCS limit protections


Ooof! Hadn’t thought of that! I just wanted the convenience that came from having it all under one roof! Need to re-evaluate this now!

Monzo’s initial market place concept sounds real attractive in the context of wealth management right now!

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For sure, I just really need these Open Banking integrations to speed up so that I can see all my pockets of money on different apps in one wealth management app. It’s just proving very slow to become realised… even Freetrade don’t have a public API yet which is just underwhelming for a leading neobroker. But yeah just a little rant off topic that I had to vent.


PensionBee is a SIPP

Technically maybe. But there’s limited funds and no individual stock options so in my own definition of a SIPP it doesn’t cut the muster as it’s universe of investment options is minuscule. But yes, it’s a private pension.