The ability to add support to mange investments and pension

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I’m using it. I have one pension (formerly Aviva) in there and will add another soon.

I like being able to manage it all in one place.

My transfer took about 3 months but wasn’t helped by me sending them some duff info. I think it should probably take about 1.5 months.

The website is good and has a good dashboard for seeing where your at.

Good to see PensionBee integrated into the Starling Marketplace.


Do you think Monzo will have the same type of thing at any point? I have an account with PensionBee and it would be great to see it in Monzo.


Definitely, the Marketplace model is one we’ve been planning for a long time and it’s great to see other companies doing a similar thing. If we were the only one doing it, then it might not be such a great idea!

I can’t comment on PensionBee specifically, but you should very much expect to see a place in the app for partnerships that we have at some point later this year.


The PensionBee integration works well. Others I have connected to include Yolt, Tail, Flux and MoneyBox.

Yoyo Wallet would be good but it is not available for Android yet, only Apple :frowning:

Other marketplace offerings (such as Kasko, Habito, Wealthsimple etc) are in the pipeline, they have been agreed but are still being implemented at the moment.

What marketplace offerings have Monzo got?

There was talk many months ago on this forum about a Travelwise integration!


Hmm, I’ve seen some discussion about what people we’ve been talking to but I don’t know for sure which ones are finalised so I don’t want to say for certain.

Should probably be able to get a sneak peek from our partnerships team soon :grinning:


Which plans are you guys on?


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I have selected one of the three Moneybox plans and customized it with the adjustable sliders for cash, global, etc.

I was on the tailored but moved to the tracker recently. Decided there wasn’t much point having a company reducing my risk for me now, I’ll do that nearer the time (in 60 years or so, when we’re allowed to retire :disappointed: )

I’ve been with them for a year, they’re pretty bare bones at the moment, no way of seeing what fees you’ve paid and they’ve only recently added the ability to see growth not including transfers in but it’s early days.

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Hey Danny, my transfers took a couple weeks. Here’s a referral link to get your £50!

PensionBee is exploring a float on the LSE:

Unsurprising giving their growth and I think the timing is opportunistic:

P.S. Times article is paywalled, can someone please copy and paste important extracts of it?

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Nevermind, here’s there version:

We are a customer-focused business and we would want to give our customers an opportunity to participate in any IPO. Floating in London on the High Growth Segment is one way that would allow customers to share in our journey – our dedication to our customers is something that will never change, no matter how much we grow in size.

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