Investec Savings Statement

I’m currently undergoing a mortgage application and supplied the statements that I could find and download on the app to the bank. They’ve since come back requesting statements specifically for the Investec account, but I can’t find anywhere that seems to allow me to do so?

I’ve tried calling Monzo but I was directed to the app, and I’ve tried the chat function but I’ve had no response whatsoever. It’s fairly time critical as the mortgage application has taken long enough as it is.

Hi. Welcome.

How long have you waited for chat to reply? That’s the only way you’re going to get it, nobody here can help I’m afraid.

Thanks, it has been about 3.5 hours currently. How long typically is the wait time? It told me I was chatting to someone about 1 hour after I sent my request, but have since heard nothing. I was hoping I could simply request a savings statement, for which I can easily gain from other banking apps! Very frustrating indeed.

For something non-urgent, I wouldn’t say that sort of wait is unusual