Introduction of accents, diacritical characters etc

I have a problem with names. Well, I do not have a problem with names, people making rules and developing systems have.
My name is Iñaki and the specific character (Ñ) cannot be wrote in the cards. Some banks use latin scripts and therefore any accent or specific character is omitted into the more similar letter.
I do not get why. There are countries where this is the norm. In fact, I have had in the past my name on Spanish cards with the Ñ character. As far I was concerned this was not a security problem or anything like similar.
So, can anyone explaining to me why this is the case when we arrive to another country we have to loose our identity regarding names to adapt them into a chosen version of them?
I do not get it.
I am not sure if this is the right forum for me to discuss this or no. Shouldn’t be the forum, please tell me where I have to make this suggestion and I will remove the post.
Much appreciate it

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The UK isn’t one of these unfortunately. Systems would break everywhere.

Internationally only English alphabet characters are acceptable. There’s a transliteration table for accented characters used internationally for official documents, etc

But the system is made by a team of IT guys who could change that. As in other countries. It’s just that I feel that my name has to be adapted to fit Latin graphic when it does not represent peoples’s name.
It’s a bit unfair

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I have actually seen bank cards in the UK with the special accents on letters, though I havent seen any Monzo Cards

I wonder if that’s only an issue for the embossed/raised name, not for the printed name?


The funny thing is that in all documents I’m as iñaki. It’s only the card who is drinving me bananas

Is your name spelt properly in the app?

I’m wondering if the problem is with Monzo’s card production supplier than with Monzo itself (although, granted, they employ them and, as you say, your name is your name).

Yeah, this was my suspicion too. Probably a limitation from the embossing days (which aren’t entirely behind us yet) being carried over into the modern, non-embossing methods.

Card manufacturing is outsourced to third parties, so it’s something they’d need to fix as opposed to Monzo or the bank directly.

Correct. All documents produced and the app are showing my name correctly


I’m not sure who to tag who’d know about this. Back in the day, Rika would have been my go-to - and would probably have explained how this worked!

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I did also suggest, thinking on the embossing machine to write down my name as IñAKI which it is whitin a rectangle and does not over pass the rectangle as it could be with all capital letters, IÑAKI. However, they did not accepted this suggestion either.