Introducing the new Monzo Plus

I imagine joint Monzo Plus this working in the following way:

If both account holders take out Monzo Plus, the joint account should automatically be upgraded to Plus also.


Getting hooked into setting up new spending categories. Can finally have “Cash withdrawals” as one. Also added “Subscriptions” and “Debt Repayments” to better distinguish credit card payments from regular bills. Any others new ones worth creating?

@cnnryng this is because it makes our system design simpler. The less complexity we induce, the less scope for issues there are. We’ve tried to make the internals of everything new plus as simple as possible, so we can be confident that things work as we expect them to


Or offer a permanent discount like they did for early adopters of old plus… a one time discount of £10 isn’t very attractive.

Can you please just tell us when and how Joint Accounts will be on board,
so many are asking for it.

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That seems very r/choosingbeggars to me. They didn’t have to give us anything.


I was surprised with the offer to be honest as I cancelled my Plus ages ago and complained about it :sweat_smile: :speak_no_evil:


And yours seems very r/ihavereddit but there we are. I’ll be sticking to the old Plus plan as it offers far better value (with a gain if you max out the interest) - it’s not about being a choosing beggar, it’s that they’re arguably offering less value for more cost?

I’m not v keen on the new card design, looks very similar to the Curve card (which I also don’t like the look of). Much prefer the old Monzo plus cards.

The whole reason old Plus got cancelled is because of the poor uptake. Surely you must recognise this?

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Free isn’t a thing that exists. They’ll be using your data, or upselling or something with that. Also, the age-old thing that Monzo this is.

It’s similar to when savings pots were released people said “it’s better to go elsewhere”. That’s fine, go elsewhere, and log in in a bajillion places.

I like the fact that everything is together in one place, in one app.


I’ve been using that avatar for the past 10+ years probably more , love the Purple&Brown cartoon :smile:

Other banks are able to provide Open Banking without locking it behind a pay wall. My Barclays account shows me my Natwest and Lloyds account without having to hand over money to any of them. Other banks offer other incentives with a paid scheme to subsidize the expenses of other features, do the same. Dont use it as an excuse to lock basic features behind a pay wall just because the company wants money.

Majority of people join challenger banks due to the richness in features offered start locking basic features that would better everybody behind a pay wall then people will start looking elsewhere for similar or better features that won’t cost them.

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I’m IN :sunglasses:

Good stuff MONZO :metal:

How about a new app icon ???


I know same. When I read some of the news articles before it was released I took it to mean people that hadn’t cancelled. Was surprised I got offered it.

In terms of interest, I agree with you. But that was the only thing I cared about in the old offering. There’s a lot more for me in this new one, including interest, though not as good as last time. I’m curious if this could have anything to do with the current savings climate, and may increase when that improves?

There’s a higher chance of it happening to Monzo Plus than to non-Monzo Plus users.

I don’t mean in terms of raw number, I mean in terms of rating. Experian rates me excellent, transunion ‘doing ok’ and Monzo wouldn’t offer be a loan (not that I’m after one… ever :rofl:)

When you hear New Plus doesn’t include Amex


I’m impressed with this launch, I thought that a software-based Monzo Plus wouldn’t be for me, but I’m quite close to pulling the trigger. Several of my accounts not being supplied by the account aggregator being the main missing thing for me (AMEX, Virgin credit card, Virgin savings, Marcus).

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