Introducing the new Monzo Plus

We heard all your feedback on this from last time! It now looks great :fire:



If you selecrt the new card, then it’ll be a new number, and new card

You can skip getting a new card if you want.

You can’t have 2 cards.

Who are these responsible adults spending more on Groceries than Wine?!


Where can I sign up?


So there’s two points to consider here, which don’t just apply to your post @mattia_asti, but a number of others who keep using the same line about “I can install 1,434,234 other apps to do this for free”:

(1) If the product is free, 99% of the time, you are the product. I don’t want free apps that harvest my spending data for their own benefit. Yolt, for example, highlights this very clearly that they do that - in order to target you with advertisements. The same argument was being thrown around in this thread in relation to email - free email accounts, mean that you are the customer. We saw outrage at the prospect of Monzo passing data to Facebook or Google but in the same breath, the same people were touting that they really like free aggregators like Emma and Yolt, without any regard for the data they’re handing over for free.

(2) If the product is free, and the business is in the 1% of not making you the product, then they’ll eventually need to make money. These types of services cost a considerable amount to run, and quite frankly we’ve become a society where everything must be “free” and “available now”, and I think that’s unhealthy.

See my point about payment over the phone. Virtual Cards now give you a way of securing your details, even if the person at the other end, writes them down insecurely.

Overall, it sounds like plus isn’t for you. You don’t see value in it, or respect that everything in life isn’t free. That’s okay but don’t for a second think that your personal bubble is representative of the rest of the customer base, just because you didn’t get your own way.


Probably worth sharing this again - it is 100 posts ago (and slightly updated).

1 Like click the button ‘Get Monzo Plus’. Needs to be done on your phone.

Another question:-

@tomdavies Is there still potential development of a second, higher tier’ed version of plus in the pipeline, with extra features? If so, do you have any ETA on that as i’d be tempted to hold off and wait for this premium package if so!



How to set up the Monzo plus buddy. I alrd have the old Monzo plus and I am on updated test flight. Can someone guide me

Testflight doesn’t have the flow for some reason I swapped to the main build

It’s not on TestFlight - you’ll have to switch to the App Store version of the app.

Here you go mate:

Not sure if you can write a bit of code but my setup works this way:

  • I have a truelayer test account that is linked to my Amex account
  • a script runs a cronjob every hour on my PC
  • said script checks all transactions on my amex from the last 7 days and writes all transaction IDs to a file
  • if the transaction ID is not in the file, the amount is sent to a google sheet
  • from the google sheet, IFTTT moves every new transaction amount from my main account into my Amex pot
  • refunds are just transactions with a - sign in front of them, so the amount gets moved back to the main Monzo balance

I have literally just done that

Come off Testflight and download from app store. It went direct this time round.

Or just click the link in the blog post. Much easier :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good catch! Fixing now.

If I was using a virtual card, and there will be a rufund or winning from a betting site for example, will the money still come back to my account if I use a virtual card?

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I’m super excited by this too - unfortunately it doesn’t export all Monzo accounts - just the Plus Personal account. So as we use only our Joint account, this feature doesn’t deliver just yet. Same for Virtual Cards, Interest, Advanced Round-ups.

Come on :monzo:, JA support please :crossed_fingers: