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So I recently became a paying customer of HEY the new email service from the folks at Basecamp. I am really liking it and it has made email something I actually enjoy rather then dread. Anyone else signed up?


It bugs me that in the tour and all the screenshots it says ‘imbox’.




Ohhh I see :laughing: I think it still bugs me because they’re trying to be too clever :speak_no_evil:

I also noticed that they split the pricing depending on how many characters you need in your email address :scream:

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Yeah so 1 character addresses are reserved for the basecamp team , 2-3 characters have special pricing. The rest are all one price. They joke it’s to pay off the ludicrous cost of them buying hey.com

Yeah I imagine it cost several hundreds of thousands, if not more!

Price is under NDA from the seller but an interesting read

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Much better

A few days later we’d verbally agreed to move forward on an all-cash deal


:rofl: That’s ace!

I’ve also paid. Trialled for 10 days and I was sold on it. It’s fantastic!

Worth mentioning that they advertise $99 as the price but it’s actually significantly more. For me the final price was £96, or $118. Guess that includes taxes.

Yeah I saw that on their pricing page:

Jason mentioned they want to eventually offer regional pricing so being charged in £ and such. But yeah costs a bit more the advertised

One of the best/strangest things is I can give out my email /post it publicly without worrying due to the screener it is a game changer :pray:

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I’ve trialled but I don’t know if two weeks is really enough.

Just wondered how others plan on using theirs? Replacement for your default email, or only for personal communication (vs accounts for websites and stuff?)

I kinda think it looks neat now, but give it a year or so and I’ll still be bogged down with email as I am today!

Ohhhh I’ve just noticed the next and previous arrows on the features page. Now I’m starting to understand :see_no_evil:

If you email support@hey.com the can extend your trial. That is what my flatmate did :slight_smile:

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I use it for everything now. It has become my main email and my old iCloud one forwards in then auto deletes emails from Apples server in case someone accidentally emails my old address.

I paid because lets say come a year I don’t like it anymore (I doubt it) they have this great policy in which they will forward emails out for life.



I use it for everything, I was sold after a few days of trialling it. At the moment everything forwards to it, once they release custom domains I will move to that.

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What sold you on it

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A combination of things. The fact you pay for it being one. Too many services are “free” and sell your data , serve you ads and in general invade your privacy. HEY has committed do doing non of that and even blocks spy pixels in emails .

Also The Screener is great as I can choose who emails me, no more I 100% unsubscribed from this why are they still emailing me.

And NGL thomas@hey.com is a pretty sweet email :stuck_out_tongue:

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