Introducing the new Monzo Plus

Apologies if this has been answered already (this is quite a long thread and I did try skimming through it!). I’m debating whether to pay the £5/month for this and was wondering:

  • do transactions from connected accounts show up in your category spending totals?
  • can you change categories for transactions from connected accounts? I think on Revolut you can’t but on Snoop you can.
  • do internal transfers between connected accounts mess up spending totals? Are these automatically excluded? On Snoop any transactions tagged as internal transfers are excluded which is very helpful.

Connected accounts are ‘view only’ as far as I know. They have no impact on categories, budgets or anything else.


Had my first proper transaction with Netflix on my virtual card today (they took and gave back £1 before when adding it)

All went fine with no fuss and no drama. A bit low key, but that is what we like to see sometimes


Some nice new features, new card looks cool but my most favourite feature is the virtual cards.
One suggestion how about new app icon holographic?
I’m hoping the plus will improve and be better than the original version but liking v1.0 keep it up and keep the plus features coming

Connected accounts is barebones at the moment. Just raw transaction info and amounts. See this thread…

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I thought I’d jot down my initial thoughts and observations on the Monzo Plus implementation of Open Banking.

The Good

First of all, the process for connecting third party accounts is ridiculously easy and quick. In my experience 15 seconds or less per provider. I just selected Santander, was taken to the Santander app, sent back to Monzo, and my current and savings accounts were there all loaded up. It was exactly the same experience with Nationwide, except there are no savings accounts, but my current and credit card accounts loaded up.

There are two points of interest with the credit card. Nationwide, in their app, give you your credit limit, amount left to spend, and current balance. I use a spreadsheet to track my finances, and one trivial calculation required is to calculate the amount spent from these numbers. The Monzo aggregation only gives me the amount spent, the one piece of information Nationwide makes me calculate. With my Santander current account, the balance is the available balance, which takes into account any pending transactions.

Also, I’ve noted that Nationwide only ever shows transactions as cleared overnight. So I go to bed with one set of transactions, and wake up with some extra ones in the morning. Monzo shows me these recently settled transactions during the previous day.

The Bad

Not all providers are supported yet, and as above, not all accounts with providers which are supported are available. So, for me, no TSB or Marcus, and no Santander Monthly Saver or any Nationwide savings accounts.

I inadvertently connected two old savings accounts which were unused and empty. No problem, though, there is a ‘Remove Account’ button.

Except that removing the account isn’t all that the button does. The button removes the provider, so it removed all the accounts for that provider. It is fairly trivial to re add the provider, but it will then go to the end of the list.

The Ugly

The transaction feeds are very bare. Not only is there no enrichment, the feeds are walls of scrollable plain text on a white background. It seems very un Monzo to me. It’s quite difficult when scrolling to get a sense of how many days you are scrolling past as the date text looks very similar to the transaction text.

The transaction feeds aren’t searchable, either, which is a shame.

You can’t reorder the providers directly. The only work around is to add the providers in the order you want them to appear. So your accounts will be Monzo, Monzo Pots, Provider 1, Provider 2 from left to right. So if you want them reordered, delete them all, and re add them in the order you want.

The End

I initially signed up with the expectation that I would cancel it within two weeks, and while that still might happen, I think its just as likely that I’ll invest £15 over three months before I decide for sure one way or the other.


POINT 1 no
POINT 2 still no
POINT 3 you can only look at them (and only the previous 90 days worth). You can’t sum them, export them, or categorise them. maybe one day.

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dedicated apps such as money dashboard.

Have you tried Money Dashboard neon yet? Shaping up nicely.

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Would appreciate the ability to rename the newly added bank accounts from Open Banking, even better if I could customise the card visual (change colour/image to reflect the bank account use).

ALSO would love to mark some added accounts as joint, and move them around in the order displayed.


Agreed about the rates.

Would like to see 0% overdraft facilities for Plus account holders, would certainly help justify the monthly fee.

I’ve just signed up to Monzo Plus (with the £5 for 3 months offer being an old Monzo Plus customer) :slight_smile:
I have a really quick q about the card quality for those who have it already…would you say the card quality is similar or better than Starling’s?

Just wondering as both have the name and numbers on the back, thanks in advance!

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I can’t comment on the quality of the new Monzo card as I’m not a Plus customer, but as I have quite a few other non embossed cards, I can say that on the whole, they are usually of a very high quality, and do seem to hold up to everyday use better than most embossed cards.


My Tesco Clubcard, Revolut and teal Starling card are both of that embossed type. If anything I would say the Clubcard is of the better quality - really well made, though no chip to worry about

My Plus card has not arrived yet, but if it’s nearing that quality then happy


Real worry if envelopes the card comes in are poor quality cause some have been tampered with

I suspect none/very few have actually been tampered with. I assume most are actually just the quality causing it to come undone.

That being said, I would still order a new one even if a small chance


Absolutely, I was lucky enough to be on some of the UX interviews they did for the new version and they’re definitely headed in the right direction! :smiley:

I have a new hobby. Looking at Google Sheets on my iPad while adding notes to transactions in the Monzo app.


How quickly does it update?

Bearing in mind that the sheet I’m looking at is a query from an imported range from the sheet Monzo makes, it updates in a remarkable 3 seconds or so.


I want this, too!