Introducing the Monzo Transparency Hub

(Naji Esiri) #1

(Ryan Murphy) #2

Going forward, salaries would be worth sharing. Considering the taboo/outrage around bankers salaries.


Looks like a great start.

One of the draws of the Monzo brand is the customer support responsiveness ‘in-app’, and the fact the staff seem more human than the ‘big bad banks’.

I’m not sure what metrics Monzo has internally for customer support quality, but I’d have thought something showing that people genuinely are satisfied with support would be a good addition for this transparency dashboard.

For example, Bytemark (I’m just a customer, no affiliation) have a public dashboard with simple information on how they’re doing with customer support. (

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #4

Just a quick heads up: in the Whistleblowing section it reads

“If you become aware of any risk, malpractice or wrongdoing that is in the public interest to know, you can it to us through

Think you are missing an “email” in there!

(Naji Esiri) #5

@tbutz this seems to be a JS issue — the missing words are actually there in the source but the script that does the box expansion/contraction cuts some off. We’re looking into it :wink:

(Colin Robinson) #6

FSCS protection is £85k now?


Yes, the €100,000 EU limit is currently implemented in the UK as £85,000 (or £170,000 for joint accounts).

However there is also a Temporary High Balance limit which is higher, and this is to cover things like property sales and handling the estate of a deceased.


Monzo says it wants to make the world a better place. It would be great to know about the sustainability policy. For example, how green is the energy used by the office and datacenters?

(Mike Fuller) #9

I think that there is a piece on how Monzo uses customer transaction data and shares it. Sure you will cover this in T&Cs but a much more illustrative piece giving detailed examples (like the one on fraud prevention) of how the data is used and the benefits to users as a result would be really positive.
Rather than being unwilling for our data to be used, there could be considerable support for opt in data sharing where this brings benefits to users. The real benefits of API will only come if there is true transparency so this is an essential part I think.

(Oliver Ford) #10

Open source would be fantastic. :open_file_folder:

I realise though that Monzo may be required to adhere to regulations that would prohibit it. :hammer:

(Alex Sherwood) #11

You might be surprised, there was some talk at the open office about open sourcing the banking platform - the bits that wouldn’t compromise security if they were shared obviously…although just to be clear, Monzo definitely hasn’t decided to do this yet.


I would like to see some information on Monzo’s suppliers. UK local authorities publish open data about every payment of more than £500. Whilst that might be a bit excessive, the following data would be useful about significant suppliers:

  • Organisation name and ultimate holding company
  • Legal structure (e.g. plc, ltd, partnership, cooperative)
  • Trading location
  • Tax location
  • Type of product/service provided
  • Jurisdiction for contract with Monzo
  • Any potential conflicts of interest with Monzo (shared owners, directors, subsidiaries, contracts, etc)

This information ought to exist in supplier risk assessments, so should not be a burden to republish. Then other people can then dig into matters that concern them like environmental sustainability, employee rights, tax, salaries, slavery, bribery, arms trade, drugs, political donations, etc.

(Mike Fuller) #13

Publishing supplier spend is supposed to demonstrate value for money in public authorities. Data without analysis is not helpful though and Monzo isn’t a public body so I can’t see that this would be useful.

It’s helpful for those in sales though and a source of lots of unsolicited sales calls from people trying to sell you things! It can also undermine your procurement if pricing becomes public knowledge.

There is public information about all UK companies available at Companies House so you only need the name to find it. I wouldn’t want Monzo to be burdened with supplying information it doesn’t have to about other companies it uses.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply this, and don’t expect Monzo to publish purchase values. I meant to say the local authority approach is one sort of transparency.

Yes of course, but some suppliers are certainly not based in the UK, nor pay corporation tax in the UK. The payment services provider with problems seems to be in United Arab Emirates, AWS is owned by Amazon Inc, and MasterCard is also in the US. I’d simply like a list of who they are and where they are based. Using a supplier is investing in them as well, both in terms of money, and in trust.

(Alex Sherwood) #15

I’d like to see Monzo include a report on employee diversity -

% By gender / ethnicity
Salary parity for equivalent roles
Number / % of women & ethnicity of the team, in senior roles

And I’m sure the HR team has some more metrics that they’re paying attention to…

In fact, I’ve just had a look on LinkedIn & it appears that ~20% of Monzo’s team are women so it appears that there’s some room for improvement here? For comparison, it looks like 33% of Starling’s team on LinkedIn are women…


and to ensure no religious discrimination a breakdown for religious groups too. I know this done in Northern Ireland but I have also seen discrimination against Roman Catholics in the City.

(Naji Esiri) #17

We’re a way off where we’d like to be in this respect but working hard to make changes.

We’ll be sharing a report like this very soon, with details of what we’re doing to encourage and support a diverse and inclusive team culture.

(Alex Sherwood) #18

Here’s Monzo’s report on diversity & inclusion - which the blog post had mentioned was already on the way :see_no_evil:

(Naji Esiri) #19

For anyone who has missed it, Maria, who wrote this post will be hosting a live Q+A via periscope at 5.30pm today. Post us your questions here if you have any and tune in :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mike Fuller) #20

What happens in The Feed stays in The Feed?

As Monzo starts to offer more complex products I wanted to ask about the principles behind how items appear in the Feed and whether the Feed entries form part of a permanent transaction record? (and if not there, where?)

At the moment most items (transactions, PIN changes and declines) seem to appear and remain in The Feed.

Not so crowdfunding which appeared then was removed when the opportunity to pledge closed.

Part of being a Bank involves providing an audit trail for customers and their advisors. Being able to verify what your income and expenditure is remains important so being able to see all your income and expenditure while eliminating items that are not part of that income and expenditure is therefore crucial.

Yes for many of us being able to see where someone attempted to use my lost card is interesting but these are not my transactions. Being able to filter or remove them would help. Particularly if the card loss was traumatic.

Even with the best systems misposts will happen too. Will these be contra’d or removed entirely without trace?

All this becomes more important with a running balance in a current account so for now some comments from Monzo on the principles it will use for Feed transactions in the current account would be helpful please.