Introducing some new Monzo faces on the forum!

Meet @brenda and @CampbellProsser! They’re going to be trialling a new project where some of our Customer Operations team (COps) spend some time working here on the forum!

They’ll be helping out with the day-to-day business of keeping the forum ticking over. So get in touch with them if there’s anything they can help with. Or just to say hello :wave:

Welcome, Brenda and Campbell!


Hello :wave: @brenda and @CampbellProsser :smiley:


Hi @SC95! Super excited to get to know you and the community better :raised_hands:


Well hello @brenda & @CampbellProsser it’s always great meeting new staff members. :facepunch:t2:

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work? :laughing:


Hey @brenda What made Obama followed you :open_mouth:


So, down to the important questions…do they like cats :wink:


Do you consider Wales to be abroad?


Yes. As an Englishman I regard Scotland and Wales as foreign countries and hence to me abroad, though obviously not overseas :wink: As for northern Ireland, that is both a foreign country and overseas :wink:

If I was living in any of those countries I would vote for the nationalist parties, and in any independence referendum Yes, in order to (a) free them from the rule of Westminster, and (b) without dissolving the UK my own country England will never be free to express it’s distinct identity.

However, that is not the topic of this thread, so back to the topic please!


I thought Wales was a theme park - you have to pay to get in!


You’ll have to ask him, am afraid! Sadly, he never did slide into my DMs.

I do! Honestly though, I didn’t grow up with pets, but my neighbour has two lovely cats that I catsit for often.

This is perhaps a little basic, but, eat! Living in London has not been great for the waistline. I also love listening to podcasts, so if you add any recommendations, give me a shout! Also, I’ve just started playing Skyrim, which I expect will take up loads of my time. (Not a gamer in the slightest, but learning!)


Hello :wave:


I imagine resisting the temptations of food in London is extremely difficult. As a little towns boy who visits London once a year I’m always lost on where to eat. :man_shrugging:

My two podcast I listen to regularly would be

No dumb questions podcast hosted by Destin sandlin from Smarter every day and his friend Matt. Two really smart guys talking about what ever they fancy.

And Huston we have a podcast :rocket: which is the official podcast from NASA’s Kennedy space centre which I think speaks for itself if you like all things space.

And as for Skyrim, well… I’ll see you in a month. :joy:

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You gotta hit me up if you ever want any recommendations! And thanks so much for the podcasts, I’ll take a gander at them tonight :ear: