Introducing Salary Sorter and Bills Pots 🎉

I picked up my salary on 14th November. Salary sorter was working fine for me :grin:

I put it down to staff lab stuff still on my account

  • debug data toggle
  • hide my bank details

Not sure how they impact salary sorter, maybe the debug setting overrides something I don’t know.

I’ve asked support to remove the second one, and they sent my chat to savings for the salary sorter to be resolved.

@AlanDoe maybe there’s someone better equipped to remove the two from my account, if I send you or them my email to get them removed from backend? :eyes:

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To be honest, I find it incredible that any tech company would allow you to retain access to confidential features after you’ve left the business.

I imagine now it’s done, there’s a mixture of Monzo staff looking at this and thinking ‘I’m not getting paid to fix this’ and also staff realising that making any sort of connection between your forum account and bank account without your permission will land them in hot water…

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I’ve not kept anything that doesn’t put my in advantage of the app (however some may argue).

Debug is handy though, shows me the raw data and MCC on some transactions.

The way the data is show though isn’t pretty and would much rather it gone, not even sure why I had it turned on, never noticed until this week what it actually did.

I left monzo a year ago. :joy:


Just did salary sort today on JA, working perfectly fine! In case you wanted extra feedback

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Still not visible for me, though the debug issue has gone and I can see my account details again.

Salary sorter is a mystery as they said it’s not something that can be turned on or off, it just exists.

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Apparently doesn’t work if you’re in your overdraft.


Which makes sense, why encourage to salary sort money that might put you back in your overdraft , especially as you say, you were already in your overdraft.

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People in their overdraft still need to manage their budget so while I see the one side, I also see the other.

It’s not an important function for me personally, but some would appreciate it.

If Monzo took Pot balances into consideration the same way Starling does, it would be a good step forward (a total account balance instead of individual balances via Pots).


My pay date has changed and I changed it on my trends etc and it’s all working fine to reflect that on the 20th my month resets. However my bills pot still does not account for it, it still does ‘Left to pay’ for the month ending of my previous cycle, has anyone else faced this issue? is there an obvious option i am missing out on to change the left to pay to correctly reflect my new monthly reset day?

Have you changed the Summary reset date in ‘Summary’ to match the date you set in ‘Trends’?

The app seems to pull important dates from 2 different places (Summary / Trends) at the moment - and probably will until Summary is sunsetted.

Looked for this today but I can’t see summary, am i just missing something obvious here? :smiley:

It may have been ‘taken away’ from you. Summary is going away anyway, so people have reported the ‘pie chart’ icon at the top-right of an account view isn’t there for them anymore.

From the Bills pot ‘Left to pay’ information: “We use your Summary period as the date range.”

Which leaves you in a predicament of not being able to access Summary to change the date :eyes:

Part of me wants to say ‘Leave it until the next cycle’, so that later cycles will start to use the new cycle-end date, but I’m not sure that’ll work either.

Yeah the summary is not available for me. Also this is my second cycle now on the adjusted date. Might have to reach out to support or raise a bug here

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Anyone had an issue with Flex set to be paid from a pot, but still shows as coming out of a current account (as well as the pot)? Makes the ‘left to spend’ figure useless.

Any idea when we will be able to sort a payment that’s hit our personal account into joint pots? Can sort into joint account and personal pots just not joint pots

It’s over four years now we’ve had bills pots and we still can’t search in them!! Anyone know if search is anywhere close to being improved? I remember at some point ages ago someone said it was in the works as it needed a complete overhaul, but not seen anything recently.

Finally managed to move some direct debits to come out of the joint account and then be taken from specific pots.
Next salary comes along and I can’t sort into my Joint Instant Access account or any of the joint pots.

It’s safer for me to not use Salary Sorter and set up a tonne of scheduled payments into all the pots, than to half use salary sorter and then manually move money to the joint pots.

This is extremely frustrating as the JA is now where the bulk of my spending happens thanks to mortgage, bills and service charge.

Is there a reason that we can think of that this couldn’t be done or is it just low on the list?

Also salary sorter STILL doesn’t let me sweep my previous balance into any of my pots which with the investment pots would be a really nice way to put the remainders to some use.

I’m sure joint pots were there at one point!

But you can move to the joint account and you can use the “move money” function to move to and from any pot, so I don’t think there’s a reason you can’t do it with salary sorter other than they haven’t added it.

For me, the process goes: salary into Personal, sort salary into pots, including £x to Joint. Flip over to Joint, click on transferred amount and sort again to Joint pots. A bit clumsy but it works.

I am able to use the move money function to move money from personal to joint pots, so the function for the salary sort is there but it’s probably not high on the list to implement.

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