Introducing our new Junior Community Manager: Yen ๐ŸŽ‰


Welcome aboard @yen

(Mo) #22

Hi @yen, good luck in your new job!

Could you tell me please, are you a Junior Manager or Managing the Junior Community?

(Lancelot Payne) #23

Warm welcomes @yen ^___^

(Ben Bristow) #24

I guess itโ€™ll be easier to spend money with our Monzo cards in Japan soon thenโ€ฆ

Yes I went there, sorry @yen !

Welcome :slight_smile:

(Yen Pham) #25


(Yen Pham) #26

Yes, I will! Please do say hello :relaxed:

Theoretically both!


Hi yenโ€ฆwelcome to the communityโ€ฆ:grin:

(Uatu) #28

Welcome @yen