Monzo for iPhone - Release Notes (v2!)

(Richard Cook) #1

Hello everyone :wave:

Exciting times! This week we’re releasing v2 of our apps, which we’re calling “Monzo 2.0”. We’ve also announced a big list of new features coming soon.

The 2.0 release rolls out the new Summary tab for all users. This was previously a Monzo Labs feature, so thanks to everyone who tried it out and gave us their feedback!

Here’s the full release notes:

Here’s version 2.0! There’s lots of new things for you:

Summary is here for everyone! We’ve been testing Summary in Labs and it’s now here for everyone to enjoy. You can set when your month starts (when you get paid) and see how much you have left to spend throughout the month. Big buys you’ve been saving up for can be excluded from your targets. So you won’t be in the red.

You can also delete payees in the Payments tab, with a swipe and a tap!

As always, please share your feedback below :heart:

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(Adam Robertson) #2

As I mentioned in the Android page, deleting payees doesn’t seem to be live yet but hopefully will be in the coming days.

(Pete) #3

I preferred spending to summary, I’m sure it will improve with time but as it is now it’s the same as the labs version (but can’t be turned off) so doesn’t know when I’m getting paid as I don’t earn enough to trigger a payment as salary. Currently it says I’m going to run out of cash but im not.

(Rob) #4

I turned the ‘Summary’ feature on when it’s was being tested…and, within minutes of enabling it, I turned it off, I prefer ‘Spending’.

(Mark) #5

Yeah I definitely prefer the old spending tab to the new summary one also. As mentioned above you are no longer able to disable it as before which is very disappointing.

(Heather) #6

I hate this summary tab. MUCH prefer the old spending tab. At least that made sense.

“You’re set to have xx left over” umm why? Nothing due to go out so don’t know where it is getting that from. It expects I will magically lose some money, ok thanks for that.

(Lewis King) #7

Works for me now!

(Adam Robertson) #8

Yep! Working for me too!

(Adam Robertson) #9

Have you set your pay day up? It might be on the default 1st of the month, hence why you’re being told you’ve got XX left.


Deleting payees works on iOS now. :heart_eyes:

(Heather) #11

It is the default as I haven’t got a wage going into it yet as was waiting for apple pay which I now have.
Just makes no sense though saying I will have less than I have now at the end of the month?

I just generally don’t like the look of it either tbh.

(Herp Derp) #12

I can delete payees to now

(Mark) #13

Apple are the kings at this. They would never release a major update with simply one new tab feature and and new swipe to delete button.

Not even an updated graphic or visual tweak on Monzo 2.0?

Am I missing something or are Monzo?

(MikeF) #14

Oddly, I’m very much in the minority. Used Spending for one month then ignored it as it’s no use to me at all. Summary is starting to move towards something I can use day in and day out. I guess different money management mechanisms lend themselves to different presentations?

(Peter Roberts) #15

Spending was not super useful to me either

(Nathan) #16

Can I ask why these release notes posts don’t happen anymore?
Found them to be a nice touch to see what has actually been put into the new version of the apps

(Richard Cook) #17

Thanks @nathanthomson8 - I need to get back on these.

I’m thinking of switching it up from specific release threads (which don’t always get many replies) to just having one thread with the most recent updates at top, but containing previous weeks below.

What do you think?

(Jack) #18

In my eyes that would be a lot better.

(Nathan) #19

sounds good @cookywook look forward to it

(Richard Cook) #20

iPhone release notes megathread here: