UX research on Monzo new features

(Ash Montes) #1

Hello fellow Monzo users!

I’m a student at Designlab finishing my UX Design course, about to take my last capstone project.
I’ve decided to go with New Features for Monzo, a speculative project looking into how to design the experience of managing money and savings!
At this point, I’m at the research stage, interviewing people and also have this survey on managing money with your banking app
https://ash113.typeform.com/to/t5n20I It would be great to hear more from the Monzo users. Everyone is very welcome to try, should be quick and easy. :slight_smile: And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line - this will be much appreciated

Many thanks

(P Burrows) #2

done! good luck with your studies.

(Ash Montes) #3

Thanks Avian!
And thanks to all that completed the survey, it was very helpful

To those who expressed interest in testing the prototype, I’ll contact you shortly - thanks again, folks. The prototype and new features will look much better because of you :slight_smile:

(James Shrager) #4

Done, good luck with your course!

(Sean) #5

All done :white_check_mark: and sounds super interesting

(Toby Toller) #6

Done, hope it goes well

(will) #7

Completed, well done for doing this, I’d like to see how it works from a UX pov too as I’m a developer learning my ways of design.

(Hugh) #8

Think I did that…? I’m not going to refill in the form as that would muck up your data but it looks familiar!


This just looks like an attempt to find out the demographics of startup users, for marketting reasons. No evidence you’re a student. So I won’t be filling it in, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ash Montes) #10

To those interested in the end result and how I got there, you can check the UX process here https://www.ashmontes.com/monzo-digital-banking/ It was a lot of fun to develop the project and I owe a big THANK YOU to those from the Monzo community who took the time to answer the research questions or try out the prototype:+1: