Introducing: Dear Monzo 📝

We’re excited to welcome Laura Whateley as our new, in-house agony aunt!

Ask her all your tricky questions by emailing :love_letter:


Really? Why…


Content is king…I guess

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Then why all the blogs explaining everything? Seriously, this is just :woman_facepalming:


I’m not sure one article per month is necessarily going to educate the masses too much.

Feels a little “glossy mag” rather than “bank of the future”.

But happy to be proved wrong…


Surely it’s more educational than not doing it?


I insist any article is presented in a Dear Deirdre’s Photo Casebook style.


Oh, I agree that it will educate on that one specific thing.

But I would have thought it would be even better to collect all the “issues” people are having and build up a massive Q and A over time.

If 50 people send their money issues in each month, 49 will end up being disappointed.


You have to think that Blog / Articles like this are great for SEO and awareness for Monzo. It’s all part of a Search Engine growth strategy. If you don’t want to read it, don’t read it.


Interesting direction! I look forward to reading the first questions.

Looking forward to reading these. Bit of a wacky idea but let’s see where it goes :upside_down_face:

I am tremendously excited about this! :heart:

Agony Aunt columns tend to be my favourite. I’ve read/listened to Dear Sugar for years so am excited to see where this goes.



Monzo should just stick to what it’s good at… Building a bank.

So far the editorial articles are so basic and common sense that anyone who is able to do the most basic of Google searchs are able to find such information.

… and if these articles are to be published at least make sure they’re factually correct before publishing!


Ever stopped to think maybe Monzo would like to be the result of said google search?


I think I’d just Google all the examples given in the article and get an instant response.

Seems like a technological step backwards and not very innovative… Email??? How quick should you expect a reply and what is the advantage to this vs Google?

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Second question…

How detailed are the responses going to be?

EG: If I ask “how I can earn more money?” are you going to delve into my current situation and offer tailored advice. Which will involve a lot of back and forth and I’ll likely be repeating myself if I use the service regularly. Or is it going to be a generic response such as: ‘Ask for a pay rise’, ‘sell unwanted items on ebay’ etc etc.

Not having a go at the idea. First I want to get a better understanding before I judge :slight_smile:

To be fair, I have recently bought Laura’s book that is listed in the article. Haven’t read it yet but it’s next on the list.

Truth be told, yea some of it may be down to common sense, but I don’t think sense is that common. Without naming names I have seen some exceptionally bad decisions been made with money that have been regrettable. I include myself in that.

Some people need to have the basic clear cut guide.


Unfortunately, common sense usually comes with age and making the mistakes. Hence the push to get financial literacy into the school curriculum.