How do you “sell” Monzo to your friends?

Hi everyone, I’m Angus. I joined Monzo last week in the marketing team.

We’ve got some exciting news to share: in 2019 our marketing team has been tasked with a large scale marketing campaign. We’ll be trying bigger things than you’ve seen us doing before. You may even see Monzo on the telly!

So, as always, we want to hear from you. How do you pitch Monzo to your friends and family? What kind of things do you tell them about? Your ideas will help us decide what kind of things we should be talking about.

We’d really appreciate your feedback and input. Thanks!


I usually mention:

  • Immediate notifications
  • (show them) the Home feed w/graph etc
  • overseas spend using mastercard rate and no fees
  • Pots (and rounding up)
  • Prior notice of salary/direct debits
  • IFTTT (I’m doing the 1p challenge)
  • this community

Disclaimer: I also mention the ID requirement (a problem for some friends with neither passport nor driving licence), the limit on foreign cash withdrawals (for those who do have a passport!), and the fee to deposit cash, because it’s important to include the negatives too.


Hey @AngusLovitt Hope youre enjoying your new role at Monzo :slight_smile:

There was a similar thread to this previously which you may find interesting to read:


Instant notifications
Real Time balance
Left to spend

And in chat support

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I guess most people would say one of the things in this thread.


I just take them through the app step by step and then we go out for a meal and they see split the bill. Got 10 friends onto Monzo so far so it works!


Instant Notifications
Splitting Bills
Seeing your real balance and not having to wait for your transactions to come out a few days later
Ease of use with the app
Friendly staff
Hot Coral Card.

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These x1000 is crazy how archaic my banking was before Monzo’s instant notifications.

A weekend away near turned into a game of countdown trying to calculate what was left to clear and what was still “pending”


Simply this:

Can only imagine we’ve all been there I’m glad I’m with Monzo now and don’t have this hassle anymore I still have a legacy bank as back up but rarely use it lol.

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useful thanks Jack


Instant notification
Location of transaction
No abroad fees

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Good to know Ive backed the right horse then?:grinning: Thanks though, I hadn’t come across this yet as still getting up to speed.

I used to sell it on individual features but I’m not sure that persuades people any more - if they were persuaded by it they’d have switched already.

I tend to just say that this is what banking should feel like, this is what it should be in the 21st century. Then ask what their biggest gripe is with their current bank, then explain how it this feature works at Monzo

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I’m quite excited about a TV ad. Only thing I can say is I hope it’s creative and not simply a run down of features and footage of people using their card.


Definitely agree. Monzo is in a great position to do a properly brand-led video, like Apple used to, to really stand-out from the crowd of new banks doing similar things (e.g. N26, Revolut, Starling, Loot, Viola black etc)


Problem is here that it may end up being the best thing to do. We may need to introduce the company and product to a whole bunch of people that haven’t heard of us before. If you are too creative or clever you end up with this:


My wife joined because she was going abroad and heard about the no fees abroad. She also said that splitting meal bills with other Monzo users was fantastic and easy.

Personally I think:

  • Instant Notifications
  • Up-to-date balance
  • Pots (and now locked pots)
  • Categories

are a real selling point. Managed to persuade a few people to join based on the above.

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I’m glad you feel the same way about the Starling ad as I do - I remember seeing it in the cinema and cringing. As long as it’s not too cheesy, I think Monzo could do a decent TV ad showcasing the major features.

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On the other hand, having an advert like that (maybe not exactly like that) and being more cryptic would probably entice people to investigate further. I think being really smart with showing the human connection to the bank will be the way forward.

I’m not a branding expert nor do I work in advertising. I would just like to emphasise on the matter that I am proud to bank with Monzo. So I’d like a TV ad to help protect the community that has, with their feedback and usage, helped to grow Monzo. In other words, please don’t make it cheap and cheesy like Starling, and I know you won’t do that either.

Any OT. I usually fail at selling Monzo. I describe all the features it has, but most people are okay with their boring banks. I did manage to entice a few of my colleagues today talking about IFTTT and Siri Shortcuts working with Monzo to automatically move money into an AMEX pot, with credit to the people within this community!