Introducing: Dear Monzo 📝

(Kevyn) #21

Unfortunately, common sense usually comes with age and making the mistakes. Hence the push to get financial literacy into the school curriculum.

(Simon B) #22

I think this is a fantastic idea, can’t wait to see where it goes :hot_coral_heart:


They’re not actually going to be responses, simply targeting questions that are.commonly googled

(Paul) #25

Wow- so much negativity in response to this- I really don’t understand why? Some of the content to date seems to have been targeted at a younger demographic, who may have less experience / knowledge about personal finance. But the whole point of this new medium is that you can ask for info on any finance-related topic you wish. So send an email, rather than just reply with a passive aggressive comment…

(Caspar) #26

So don’t read them? No need to be negative about stuff if it has no effect on you. Personally


For me, I’d say the chances of your money related question being answered were slim (only one per month).

So it feels more like a Monzo marketing campaign than a genuine service which will help the masses (it will obviously help the one person whose chosen that month).

You then have the question of how pressing your financial question is - If it’s urgent, you’ll need an answer far quicker than this agony aunt can provide.

Again, it’s just my opinion, and if some of the comments can help shape the future of the service (like we’ve been encouraged to do for the last 2 years), then great.

For example - If they are going to run an agony aunt service, perhaps allow for 10 questions to be answered per month?

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #28

Dear Monzo,

I fancy my nextdoor neighbour, she knows I have Monzo but won’t go on a date with me until I can move money to a pot every two weeks.

Currently this is still not possible on iOS and as such she won’t date me.

How can I get a date with her this month as I don’t see this feature coming anytime this year and she is so fit I don’t want to lose her to someone else?

Please help me Monzo.

Thanks & Regards,


(✌️) #29

Just seems like a bit of fun, I don’t see any harm in it.


I showed her my hot pink … Card and she said, come back when youre with a proper bank not one of those dodgy online ones. :joy::joy:

(Drew sanders) #31

This will be good when the content is of high quality & not what I could find in 20 seconds on google.
It has potential so let’s watch and wait to see the first few answers before passing judgement.


Does this mean Laura will be stepping down from her “Troubleshooter” column in The Times? Seems a fairly big conflict of interest if she’s being paid to answer complaints people have with their financial providers but then is also being paid by one of those financial providers to write content…

(Kyle Risi) #33

@AgonyUncle its almost like you set up an account just to say this exact thing, If I was to hazard a guess, I would say you are a journalist trying to set up a story for yourself.

(Alan) #34

Even if so. The point he makes is still valid. It would be worrying to have the same person working for a bank and also is supposed to be calling them to account.
It’s not constructive to accuse anyone of trolling just because you’re uncomfortable with the query they raised.
I’m sure monzo and/or Laura would like an opportunity to respond


Hi @KyleRisi. Not a journo, just interested in fintech. Also not trying to troll. Laura’s a good journalist and by all means can write for whoever she wants. In fact, she’s written a few pieces for Starling in the last few months. But I would hope - and expect - that if any issues did occur for Monzo (which i obviously don’t hope for!) that she would look at them as a journalist first, and a Monzo blogger second. As consumers, we should expect that.