Introduce yourself 👋

Badger pay

It’s the future


There’s also updog?

Who could forget updog :scream:

Okay, Badger Pay I know, and that’s shared with the other place, but what on earth is updog?

Did you just say “What’s Updog”…

If so I’ve finally got someone to say it!



The origins of badger pay


Liam is keeping the Badger Pay dream alive over on the other place. Commendable

What is going on here

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Bantz and lolz?


That updog joke is a criminal offence


Thanks for letting me know. A cease and desist letter will be in its way from my solicitors, Sue’em & Grabbit, in due course. :joy:


Top bantz everyone! Browsing for my new model of badger as we speak :joy:


Bonjour internet.

I’m Seán, my LinkedIn says I’m a solution driven professional, my friends say im a sneaker and graffiti addict and my ex boyfriend says im a nightmare. :man_shrugging:

I’ve been doing customer experience management for the best part of 15 years, along with volunteering with a local mental health charity. I took time out of my career to do the masters degree my mum wanted me to do at 21 and became a campaigner about fuel poverty and then started another masters about graffiti. I’m a sucker for a student discount.

Sneaker count 80 pairs and going. New Balance 994 and Adi Superstar 2 for the win.

Monzo is (mainly) great, any business looking to democratise money gets my vote.


Hey Gang :wave:

I’m Alan and I’m long time Monzo user and recent Monzonaut :rocket:Est. July 2019

I’ll be jumping around the community trying to help out and answer questions (if I can :eyes:)

Look forward to starting debates about which TV show is better than another one. FYI - It’s likely that most debate will be won with ‘The Sopranos’ card.

Joining the community is kinda daunting because I know how much you all love Monzo and pretty much shape who we are as a bank. (Promise I’m not getting paid to say that).

Let the pop culture battles commence :crossed_swords:


Hi Alan & welcome :wave:

Good to have Monzonauts :rocket: here - which area of Monzo are you in?

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Hello, this is Jake and very good join this family:monkey:


Hey everyone :wave:

I’m Ellie :blush: Dropping in to finally check out the community in all its glory (instead of lurking from afar). Super excited to get involved and chat to some of you :blush:

I’ve been a Monzonaut since May this year, but I’ve been a Monzo user and lover since we first released current accounts so it’s not a staff bias, I do actually love Monzo :wink:

I’m a COp first and foremost, but I’m a computer science student too, so you’ll spot me floating about in some of the more techy spaces here too :rocket:


Welcome to the community Ellie :wave:

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Hi folks!

I’ve been lurking on the community for a while, and popped up in a couple of threads so far - been using Monzo since the prepaid days and became a Monzonaut in January as a COp!

I’m currently on maternity leave looking after my wee daughter, but will be popping in and out and helping where I can :blush: