Introduce yourself 👋

(Jacob) #854

Hey all :slight_smile:

Been with Monzo since the days of Mondo :joy:

Gradually been moving over everything to Monzo and think it’s a great and intuitive banking system.

My main reason for joining is purely to get a slice of that tasty investment cake. So hopefully I can find someone nice enough to sell!


(Jack) #855

Welcome everyone! Hope you enjoy being part of the community, don’t be shy :slightly_smiling_face::mondo:

It’s great to hear about more people using monzo as their main account.

You can often find ongoing discussions using the :mag: icon in the top right.
Otherwise feel free to create a new topic :+1:t3:

(Martyn Haigh) #856


I’m an investor and have been using Monzo since the beginning. I’ve only just joined the community as up til now I was happy just being a silent user. I’ve almost completely jumped over to using monzo 100% but I can’t currently get an overdraft with Monzo for some reason so for the moment I’m a little hesitant of closing down my other accounts.

Anyway - nice to be here :slight_smile:

(Matt C) #857

Stupid question, but have you contacted the team in the app? I did this and they were able to resolve the issue for me so that I am now able to have an overdraft.

PS - nice to have you here!

(Martyn Haigh) #858

Sadly I have contacted them and they said their credit bureau was unable to match my info with their records :frowning: I asked if there was anything I could do to help and they just said no. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Matt C) #859

Hmm, well I had the same problem with a similar initial response, and then someone else was able to look into it and resolve the problem (see here). I know that they are looking to try and resolve the issue so that matches are more effective.

Are you in a second floor flat or something, or is your address just 8 Templeton Close or something like that? Some of us wondered if having “second floor flat” in front of the address was causing issues.

(Martyn Haigh) #860

Oh interesting - I do have a Basement Flat in my address, but sometimes it’s listed as flat A instead. I’ll try asking them and see what they say. Thanks for your suggestion - much appreciated! :smiley:

(Matt C) #861

I suspect that is the problem. Mine is listed as top floor flat some places, and just the number and road in others so it is understandable that there may be a mismatch!

No worries - I hope you get it sorted. :smiley:

(Reginald Chan) #862

thought i would say hi
im from billingshurst
I also work at London gatwick airport North/South terminals
and i noticed these bright cards floating around te airport as i served 2-3 passengers and it was so bright i asked what card was it so here i am 3 days later with the card myself after quick registering on Sunday night and receiving it on Tuesday

(Matt C) #863

Welcome, welcome! :smiley: The card design certainly seems to be working as a talking point. Hope you enjoy your account and the wonderful community!

(Reginald Chan) #864

definately does with passengers and hope you have a nice flight at the end of it


Good evening. I am fairly new to Monzo and enjoy using the account and the card. I may be in the minority but I quite like the colour and brightness of the physical payment card - it is quite uplifting whereas Revolut’s card is a bit boring and corporate looking!

One question regarding rounding up amounts to Coin Jar. Will you introduce multiple rounding ups? Revolut offers the option to multiply the rounding up amount 2x, 4x, 8x etc. It would be great if Monzo will offer this. Any plans to do so?



(Antoine Cyril Englebright) #866

My name is Antoine Cyril Englebright and I am a Mauritian/British Citizen. I live in London with my wife and daughter. I work for the London School Of Economics And Political Science. I am with the Residential and Catering Department. I am a Residences Assistant, i.e, A Receptionist. I have been with the LSE since 1998 and I love my job to bits. The Hall of Residence or Dorm for others is located just behind the New Tate Modern Gallery, minutes away fro the Millennium Bridge, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the Shakespeare Globe, Borough Market, the Shard, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Black Friars and the London Eye, the London Aquqrium, the London Dungeon. During the Academic Year there are Six Hundred and afifty Students living in the House. I normally work at LSE Bankside Houe and the LSE Butler’s Wharf. Bankside House is the biggest Hall and it accommodates First Year, Undergrads, Post Grads, Masters and Phd Students as for Butler’s Wharf it houses only Masters and PhDs and it is all year long into Student Mode. Bankside House is turned into a B&B every Summer and the cheapest Room with Breakfast included is £47.00 per night and it is a Single Shared Room, meaning it’s a room sharing Bathroom Facilities with another Room in an enclosed corridor. If you want to know more about Accommodation please just visit the LSE Vacations Website and all the information you need is there with pictures and Room Specifications. I was just wondering is it safe the Monzo Card as I’ve had my card for quite a while now and I haven’t done anything with it. Can someone please explain in full details how it works and how Secured it is. I thank you all in advance for your time and support.

(Is Santa here yet?) #867

Totally safe. It’s a proper U.K. current account with the same regulations and protections as any other U.K. account

(Jack) #868

Hopefully it won’t be long until they offer you one. They are still opening it up to more people :clap:t3:

(Jack) #869

I’d love this option but yet to see any plans for it. Maybe someone from Monzo knows more though.

(Antoine Cyril Englebright) #870

I have already introduced myself but why do you keep asking me to introduce myself again and again.

(Biruh Gemeda Gage) #871

Hi there,
My name is Biruh and I’m an international student in UK. I bet that i am the FIRST MONZO user from Ethiopia!:sunglasses:Looking forward to becoming a loyal customer of Monzo and the expansion of the Bank into Africa.

(Andy) #872

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(Kolok) #873

Oh wow, can you tell us a bit about the backend of your bank , is it as rusty as people say?
Have you been given bigger budgets to complete with the challenger banks?
And can you tell us which bank?