Introduce yourself 👋

Welcome everyone :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:

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Haha. I lived in Dalton, but went to school in Barrow … and I’d agree :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Heyyyy :wave:

I’m Tim, an Air Traffic Controller, living in Hampshire but maintaining my Northern accent. :rofl:

I’ve been with Monzo since the early days, and I’m really enjoying the journey. Hats off to the guys behind the scenes, you’ve done a great job so far. :+1:


Hiya, been using Monzo in Critia and Montenegro this month, what a great exchange rate. Worked everywhere used no problem and instant feedback is wonderful.


Hi I’m Dave, I work in IT, and am getting interested in all things FinTech. I have recently signed up for Starling and Monzo to compare the two. Also looking at eaier ways of saving regularly. :monzo: :moneybag:


Hi, I’m new! :wave: My name is Kim.

I’m a Dutchie and a vintage enthusiast (movies, photography, stars, music, clothing etc) I spend most of my time listening to/loving Prince and Michael Jackson and I buy way too many clothes, mostly vintage. :shopping:

Monzo has helped me out with keeping track of that a great deal though… I’m getting better at NOT spending ALL my money on clothes. :flushed:

I’ve always loved anything and everything tech-related (let’s NOT go into how many gadgets I own) and I first found out about Monzo back in 2016.

Ever since then, my hot coral card has always been my buddy for travels & the app has been my go-to for all of my banking. :iphone:

On that note, I thought it was about time for me to join this community full of Monzo-loving, wonderful people!

PS: Cats are my favourite. :smile_cat: SEND ME ALL THE CAT PICS & VIDEOS!


Shameless plug for the thread I started, but you should check out this thread for all the cat pics. Black cats seem to be a favourite on here :revolving_hearts:


Welcome! :heart_eyes_cat:

PS next time you go home can you pick up some Haagsche Hopjes or Rademaker Hopjes coffee sweets, they remind me of my childhood :wink:

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Headed over to that thread right now! :eyes: I might spend the entire day just looking at all of them and saying “awww” way too many times to be honest.

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Do you like stroopwafels too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And yes, ofcourse I can - although I’m not too sure how a suitcase full of food and snacks is gonna go down at airport security. lol

Stroopwafels are great :slight_smile:

chilled and chewy or warmed over a coffee cup so the caramel melts…hmm


and Bitterballen, but if you are veggetarian that would not be your choice :wink:

Vegan over here! :raised_hand:t2: I’m still waiting for someone to create a vegan version of them. If you’re vegetarian, you’d probably have a “kaassoufflé” instead.

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if you are ever out in Essex there is a nice vegan juice bar and café called Lone Wolves Organics. I eat there regularly as I love vegan and vegetarian food. As a kid after sunday lunch I always asked for more cabbage and potatoes instead of meat!


Hi Hugo :wave:

Which instruments do you play?

How do you feel about dogs?


No love for cats then? :sob:

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Welcome @anon77964053

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Be careful there. :joy:


You are dead to me


not sure if that is sick or sad :broken_heart:

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