Introduce a BLM variant of the App icon

Any chance of introducing a BLM app icon much like we have the pride one?

I support this request.

Whilst I am conflicted on the effectiveness of an icon on one’s own phone screen in the fight for equality, which looks very much like virtue signalling to many in my queer community, Monzo do already have a Pride icon, and have publicly backed the BLM movement.

A key difference, which swings me, is that while an icon may be construed as virtuous whilst things are relatively calm in a community’s ongoing fight for equality (see LGBTQ+), it’s another matter completely to make such a statement and provide with a BLM icon whilst things are tough.

Come on Monzo, put your politics and solidarity on your sleeve, and on your users’ smartphone homescreens.


I support this idea!


Fully support!


Reddit have done this too.

The only issue I see is when do you go back? As soon as an update reverts it to the usual logo you’ll get a lot of “Dont black lives matter anymore?”


The pride icon is available all year round, so why would they remove any other icon they added?


I don’t like this because it makes BLM into a trend - banks should stick to banking, and working to make sure the system they build is equal for minorities to access financial services. It’s not a trend, or something for brands to jump on - it’s not, it should be a fundamental shift in how things work - not a blinking icon for brands to virtue signal off.

Also, considering they’ve just got rid of a senior D&I role I don’t understand how they could do it and be taken seriously.


I want monzo out of politics

I just really don’t care about politics and hate it when people and companies bring it up.

I had to make myself vote at the election due to reasons.


I agree. It can come across as virtue signaling to release this now even if the intentions behind it are genuine.


Sorry, I was confusing the two.

Reddit has done theirs without giving the option. It just changed when the app was updated last week.

If Monzo make it a choice, then I agree, there’s no reason it should ever be removed.

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Monzo was established as a political act – Tom and the others didn’t just start it because they liked the colour coral. It was created because they saw that during the last recession, ordinary people were getting screwed over.

Don’t confuse politics with Politics [eg. Party Politics].


Monzo give the option to select logo within the app under “customise app icon”. I personally have investor, beta, pride and default options

I dont think it would turn blm into a trend, personally i think it would help raise awareness… Many companies have done work, and shown support in many ways, I dont think monzo a fintech challenge bank including a BLM an app icon is off brand considering we have the pride logo to show solidarity and support.

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You say you don’t care about politics, but felt strongly enough to comment.

One of the slogans of BLM Is silence is violence. I’m curious why you would hate when people/companies bring it up


I personally feel doing nothing is worse


What’s the difference? The current level of racism and police brutality are political issues. If Monzo choose to involve themselves, they are making a political statement.

I personally don’t mind a company vocally supporting a cause when it matters, such as BLM right now. The more voices in favour of movements such as these the better. What I don’t like is that we’re redefining this as equality, when it isn’t, it’s the opposite. Only supporting one or two groups of minorities automatically alienates others through ignorance. Companies are free to voice their support, but in my opinion these are not the situations to exploit as an opportunity to be waving their own banner by way of virtue signalling. I’ve said elsewhere, that in my opinion, true equality is nonchalance, though I respect that as a society we are not there yet.

I will digress here, as I don’t particularly enjoy getting involved with political discussions.

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I’m sorry that you see black people fighting for equal treatment as “bringing up politics.”


Voted. What exactly would a blm icon look like? Obviously the pride one is 6 colour rainbow but there’s no obvious pattern for blm - different shades of brown to black?

Would love to hear @ShereeAtcheson talk on this (Head of Diversity & Inclusion)


Making people redundant, people on furlough, consistently makes a loss, 40% valuation drop… if they do this I would be (pleasantly) surprised.

But this is not a political matter.