Monzo Black Design App Icon Alternative

I think Monzo has shown a great initiative by actively participating in the global discussion on discrimination,specifically with race.

The designs chosen are nice but I still hold to the idea simple is best in getting a clear message across.

I drew this up and you may care to leave a comment or feedback.


There’s 2 options to vote on its not user submission, it’s a done deal already they just want to know which one wins so that it is added to the app

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I understand but nothing is a done deal ever. I wanted to still contribute on the idea of simplicity.


I beg to differ they are quite clear on the locked post, this one will be locked no doubt before the weekend is over due to comments going the wrong way again


Although @DaveJ is correct about it being a two-horse race, FWIW, I prefer your design @MonzoDude :+1:t2:


Welcome to the community @MonzoDude

I also believe yours is better, then again i am a white male.

I like the idea of monzo creating a BLM linked app logo, however in typical monzo fashion they have been slow to react and to the momentum that has been building about the BLM movement.

I very much agree with @danmullen and @nathanthomson8. While I understand Monzo’s reasoning for choosing the colours they did, and it shows they’re approaching it with a good level of care for black heritage and culture, the colour schemes are much too obtuse and contrasting. It makes them look cheap and tacky like a 4 year old made them in MS paint.

Yours is much simpler and more subtle, which I like. Similar to the approach Twitter took, with a black logo, on a black background, with a subtle outline so you could still make out the logo.


I much prefer your design to the two options Monzo presented.


So you decided to read the post and do exactly what it said not to do?


Thanks for the input on this Thread everyone :pray:

As there’s already a thread/poll open about the two designs which we’re looking at I’m going to close this one but really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in @MonzoDude.

I’ll make sure it’s passed on to our design team as feedback :smiley: